Recognition Pieces Customized to Your Organization’s Culture


Values, history, culture are not the same for every organization.
That's why Presidential's discovery process helps us determine who you are and how best to reflect this. We don't believe in cookie-cutter.

Traditional doesn't mean boring. It means you have a rich legacy to draw on for creative guidance. Donors need to associate their recognition with your values, history, and culture.

And if you want to think outside the box, for truly stunning design, our creative team will astonish you.

Repurposing History

The architectural elements of historical buildings are imbued with the qualities of those organizations. Using these to highlight donor recognition can reinforce a rich heritage and inspire future giving.

Royal St George’s College

Every student has trod on the stage here to receive their diplomas. We’ve repurposed wood from this both in donor recognition plaques and on a presentation mantle on the fireplace.

Smith School of Business

The original building was the Victoria School, built in 1893. We’ve taken the original slate blackboards and used them on plaques and signs throughout the facility.

Thematic Harmony

Creating displays with unified underlying thought can unite disparate elements and provide a cohesive user experience.

Royal St George’s College

The Shield & The Sword of St George became front & center of the displays, including the main donor wall, area plaques, and wayfinding to the new Ketchum Hall.

Queen’s School of Medicine

Could anything be more perfect than the heartbeat donor wall? We’ve also reinforced the medical look with white glass and a slat wall which reflects building architecture.

Reflecting Culture

Cultural heritage resonates with donors. We find unique ways to reflect and amplify this heritage, to connect with your donor base.

University of Toronto

In recognition of the volume of Chinese patrons, we designed recognition walls, plaques & gifts in Mandarin, and reflecting Buddhist principles.

Bialik Hebrew Day School

Using traditional Bar Mitzvah tree imagery, we added a central scroll to design a donor wall with roots thousands of years old.

Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital

To reflect this town’s community culture, we focused on historical images and street signs, even incorporating past plaques into a new encompassing display wall.

Creative Shake-ups

Sometimes you need to attract attention. Thinking outside the box can result in a showpiece display which highlights the best of your organizational heritage.

Faculty of Chemistry, Queen’s

How better to get inside the mind of a chemist, than with atomic models on copper leaf and four-storey banners with chemical formulae.

Upper Canada College

This exterior donor wall replicates the ivy embracing this historical site. Truly stunning, and one of the most visited locations on campus.

Sunnybrook Hospital

A bas-relief wood carved wall highlights the entrance and illustrates a rich heritage of military medical care and Armed Forces support.

Creative Favorites

These are a few very different projects of which we are especially proud.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Great, enjoyable use of outdoor space with plaques that are tactile, with wording replicated in Braille.

St Mildred's-Lightbourn School Pathway of Dreams

A winding stained glass wall captures the free spirit and enchanting beauty of this school.

Queen's University Cancer Research Institute

The three fields of expertise are represented inside a stylized map of Kingston Harbor.

Princess Margaret Hospital Reception Desk

When we realized that the reception was visible from multiple storeys of the atrium, we knew we needed to make it something special.

Hart House Theatrical Maquettes

To reflect the extensive heritage of dramatic arts support and amazing alumni roster, we built inset theatrical maquettes into the displays.