We’re Back!

Dearest Clientele and Affiliates,

It is with great pleasure and relief that we announce our restored functionality!

Those of you who have been reaching out to us by email or our PresidentialEnvironment.com website recently have been met with an impasse.  Emails received failure notices and we were virtually non-existent to the world wide web.

We apologize for the resulting inconvenience that you’ve encountered.  Due to unforeseen circumstances and the transition of our domain from one supplier to another our functionality was temporarily suspended.  Eons in the electronic age!

On the bright side, we are wiser and better equipped for the future.  We have a solid and tested Plan B that is ready for implementation for smaller more common disruptions that we all sometimes encounter from our service providers. We are on the verge of a Canadian winter after all.

Thank you all so very much for your patience and cooperation in navigating alternate means of communication during this upgrade.  We truly appreciate the concern, compassion and collaboration throughout this disruption.

We are eager to return to our reputed levels of service and welcome all of you back to our site and our company email!

Your dedicated Presidential Team

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