A triple build and installation of ErinoakKids Campaign Donor Walls in the Brampton, Mississauga, and Oakville centres.


Top Shelf vs Industry Standard

Date: June 2, 2016 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

Industry standard can be defined as the generally accepted requirements followed by the members of an industry. Notice there is no mention of quality, rather an overall general acceptance. In many industries we have seen the standards slipping. Have you noticed the level of customer service offered in many restaurants, or service –related industries? I would venture to say that I have more bad experiences than good ones and when I am blessed with an exceptional experience I find myself...

How to Choose the Right Supplier

Date: May 19, 2016 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

I am currently shopping for a Caribbean vacation, the first one for my family of 4, and I find myself overwhelmed with the amount of choices and online information. There are so many travel sites offering different packages and carrier options. The carriers themselves also have their own websites where you can acquire information and even book your trip directly with them. So in a world where there are so many choices and the buyer is swimming in too much information, what do you do? Well, I...

Laser Engraving vs Sand Etching

Date: May 5, 2016 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

Ok, so you’ve decided that you want to present someone with a token of appreciation, maybe it’s employee recognition, an award of some kind or a retirement gift. You’ve even gone so far as to source online options for this award / gift. But now you are presented with the options for engraving that item. You can either laser engrave or sand etch (also referred to as sandblasting) your recognition copy and or logos onto your chosen piece. But which do you choose? Well let’s look at the...

The Calm Within The Chaos

Date: April 21, 2016 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

A donor recognition project can be a challenge for all involved. There is a lot of information to shuffle through, research to be done, culture and history to understand. It truly is a process. Designs are submitted for committee approval and once a design is chosen there are sometimes dozens of design changes made, name changes, changes to materials and sizes, not to mention the last minute additions, and it is our job to keep on top of all the information, making sure no details are left...

Quality Customer Service...Does It Exist Anymore?

Date: April 14, 2016 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

Quality (in terms of a product or service) can be defined as a high or superior level of value or excellence. In terms of customer service it can be defined as how a business looks after its customer’s requirements through effective and efficient before and after sales service. If you search “quality customer service” online you will be amazed at how many sites come up, how many books there are on the subject, how many websites and training platforms there are available. So the...

Dealing With Mistakes Effectively

Date: March 31, 2016 Author: Steve McVeigh Categories: Blog

Mistakes will happen. When they do, it makes no sense starting a blame game. It makes more sense to understand why & how it happened; and then to fix it. Presidential takes pride in making sure there are no deficiencies. But occasionally things just don't go according to plan. A name is added after deadlines, an element of the production just doesn't measure up to our standards. We have very high standards. Our clients may never even notice the mistake. But we do, we will do everything...

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