“We come to Presidential not so much for a supplier, but for an effective partnership. There is confidence in the quality of the ideas you will bring forward, and the tastefulnesss with which they will be executed. You bring us good council and advice.”

Dr. Jon Dellandrea,
Former Vice-President & Chief Development Officer,
University of Toronto

Awards & Gifts

Presidential's Awards & Gifts keep you front & center with your donor base, volunteers and top performers.

Constant recognition and appreciation stimulates continual philanthropy and achievement. This means your awards & gifts programs need continual attention, as you cultivate and steward donors or performance.

At Presidential, we can help you shoulder this responsibility with structured programs, and unique & thoughtful mementos. Your gifts and awards represent your individual and organizational accomplishments every bit as much as donor recognition walls - and become a networking tool for you when your recipients' friends, colleagues & connections view them.

A variety of approaches gives you a tool chest for appreciation and outreach.

Continuity Services:

• Custom awards
• Service and achievement
• Framed awards
• Medals & promotional items
• Glass & crystal
• Special materials: curved glass, polished metal, heritage woods, cast paper