“It all looks wonderful - the Wall is impressive with its classic, simple design. Thank you for all that you did to satisfy our needs and still meet our deadline. The final touch was rushing the (missed) plaque the day before the event - amazing customer service! It was a pleasure working with Presidential on this important project for Queen's School of Business.”

Laurie Ross,
Director, Office of the Dean
Queen's School of Business, Kingston


Presidential's PhilanthroMining™ is our solution to help not-for-profits unearth fugitive information, and transform it into a relevant data resource for use in donor stewardship, engagement, and even fundraising. 

PhilanthroMining includes a comprehensive survey and audit of all organizational recognition. During the fulsome audit process, we carefully annotate locations and condition; record all recognition copy and dedications; note materials; photograph each item; and provide annotated floorplans to pinpoint specific locations.

The resulting report also includes significant findings – basic outlining of state of recognition, with mention of needed actions; reference items that are grandfathered (exempted) from established recognition standards; and provide an up-to-date listing of available recognition opportunities, for use in donor cultivation and recognition efforts.

The amalgam of comprehensive information is provided in a format compatible with your own donor management system, so doesn’t require proprietary software.

Key PhilanthroMining Benefits:

• All donor recognition data is held in a single comprehensive repository
• Detailed recognition information, including notes, recognition wording, locations, condition and photo references
• Searchable archive of historical donor records, which can be used to mine for opportunities and connections to current donors
• Exportable data in Excel or Access format, without need for proprietary software
• Optional analysis of your stewardship, cultivation and engagement opportunities, undertaken by a veteran CFRE-accredited fundraiser, resulting in recommendations tailored to your specific situation.

Additional Related Services

Recognition Harmonization: As a supplement to a recognition audit, we can detail means by which to integrate different periods of recognition, to connect them visually through unifying features. Harmonization elevates your organization’s recognition, and can also provide opportunities to reach out to past supporters anew, to meaningfully engage them when unveiling updated or new recognition, or retiring historic items.

Engagement Strategy & Products: Our CFRE-accredited philanthropy expert is available to consult on how you can advance key goals through development of a personalized donor engagement plan connected to your recognition efforts, which will result in help to engage and steward your donors, based on specific organizational history, situation and needs.

Recognition Policy Development: Smooth operations require clear goals and mandates, something we can help you develop by updating an existing or developing an initial comprehensive donor recognition policy for your organization.

 PhilanthroMining can create a complete accessible donor-centric record of recognition
within your organization, with resulting data being used to cultivate, engage and
steward donors, to build your organization’s culture of philanthropy.

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