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Celebrating 25 Years with the AFP!

Date: May 13, 2019 Author: Sylvie Lachance Categories: Blog

We will be hosting a booth at the AFP's Fundraising Day events on May 30, 2019.  Please stop by Booth 511 and meet the team as we join in celebrating this anniversary.  We look forward to seeing you there!  

Getting back to pencil and paper

Date: April 8, 2019 Author: Steve McVeigh Categories: Blog

I have recently been inspired to revive an old practice that has fallen off my proverbial drawing board. At Presidential we provide Custom Gifts and Awards as well as thoughtful design solutions to organizations who want to recognize their donors or achievements. We will always co-create custom designs. Personally, I enjoy the collaboration that happens in a project to produce the best outcome for our clients, whether it be Donor Wall Systems or Custom Awards and Gifts. How I approach that...

Preparing Artwork

Date: September 10, 2018 Author: Steve McVeigh Categories: Blog

As a designer who has been preparing artwork before there were personal computers, there are still many steps to consider when producing quality, precision and the best donor recognition solutions for our clients at Presidential Environment Inc. In years before the computer and graphics programs software, everything was done by hand. From the first client design brief – a site visit, sketches, measurements, photographs and meetings are done in tandem with collaborative discussions with...

Full Service Donor Recognition

Date: August 20, 2018 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

Many of our clients do not realize that we are a full service company when it comes to donor recognition. We are known for designing and creating unique donor walls, area and naming recognition, historical walls as well as other types of donor recognition and signage. What people don’t always know is that we offer a full Gifts and Awards service as well. What does that mean to customers? Well it means that we can take care of all their donor recognition, staff and volunteer recognition...

Dimensional Lettering

Date: July 30, 2018 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

You may not notice but dimensional lettering is everywhere. Outside your favourite grocery store, inside your local hospital, outside of classrooms and lecture rooms, in the lobbies of hotel and resort chains and even at the front gates of well known amusement parks. Why is it so popular you may ask? Because it is versatile and more budget friendly than one would think! Presidential has long specialized in flat cut metal lettering. Not only is it cost effective, but it is also high quality....

The Design Process

Date: July 9, 2018 Author: Steve McVeigh Categories: Blog

It always amazes me when we receive a design challenge and how many steps it actually takes to provide the best solution regarding aesthetics, function & form, cost effective production and installation. In this sped-up-super-fast-push-a-button-instant-response society we live in today, the concept of time to "think and consider" has shrunk substantially. It used to be we had more time to come up with the best design solutions. But with years of experience under our belt, and (in our case) a...

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