Relationships Matter

Date: March 1, 2018 Author: Richard Howes Categories: Blog

Editor's note: Richard Howe's very first blog on this site reflected the core values he instilled in all of us. We are pleased to repost this timeless insight.

Recently I had the pleasure of making a donation to Toronto Rehab Foundation. It is interesting to trace the relationships that have meshed in order for that donation to happen.

The donation was to the Toronto Rehab Foundation for their Stroke Research event: the Rocket Ride 4 Rehab. The Rocket is Howard Rocket, a former stroke patient and great supporter of the Toronto Rehab. He was my dentist when I was growing up in Mississauga. He later became my sister's boss when she worked for his company Tridont. They have had a long and very trusting relationship and she always acknowledged his vision and drive.

I had the opportunity to hear Howard Rocket speak at an event at the University Centre of the Toronto Rehab and it inspired me to get involved. This allows me to be a part of the important work that is being done at the Toronto Rehab Hospital - not only in Stroke recovery, but in so many areas of rehabilitation. They are truly changing peoples lives and improving the quality of life of so many.

Additionally, the President of the Toronto Rehab Foundation - Cindy Yelle - and I have had a professional relationship for almost 20 years when we worked together at the U of T. 

Relationships matter. These two personal connections led to an opportunity to give back and be involved.

Thanks Dr. Rocket