Preparing Artwork

Date: September 10, 2018 Author: Steve McVeigh Categories: Blog

As a designer who has been preparing artwork before there were personal computers, there are still many steps to consider when producing quality, precision and the best donor recognition solutions for our clients at Presidential Environment Inc.

In years before the computer and graphics programs software, everything was done by hand.

From the first client design brief – a site visit, sketches, measurements, photographs and meetings are done in tandem with collaborative discussions with our clients to get an idea of what visuals and needed to recognize their donors in a meaningful way.

If the client has produced a style guide for their fundraising campaign, it will be very useful in the design process. We would reflect and compliment the colours, logo, typeface, and overall theme that was developed.

First step is to work out real estate of an area destined for the Donor Wall.  We would then calculate how much space is needed for the amount of names, levels of giving, logos, photos, etc.

2 or 3 concepts are drawn up and revised until the best solution is approved. Materials, timelines, the architectural space, as well as the philosophy and goal of the campaign are all considered along with our client expectations in this process.

There are times where I will use 3D software and CAD Programs to help produce more precision for future production. Logos and artwork coming from our clients sometime need to be redrawn. Coming from a packaging / product design / graphic design and illustration background has helped me to be well equipped in many aspects of the creative design process at Presidential. When a concept is chosen at an initial presentation meeting, I get to work on designing the Donor Recognition system that will complement the architectural space and have components that will be easily updated for future installations.

Scheduling production is what we are very good at Presidential Environment, and our team members are the best in the industry as the company has been doing this for more than 27 years. Relationships are very important to us.

Quality control is paramount when all items are produced. We make sure all elements are produced right.  If not to our standards, our clients may not notice a small defect but we will, so it gets redone correctly.

It is very rewarding as a designer when our Presidential Team has received a letter/email that the unveiling of the Donor Recognition gets a big applause from their donors. And especially when donors give more to our clients Campaign, which happens often.