Full Service Donor Recognition

Date: August 20, 2018 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

Many of our clients do not realize that we are a full service company when it comes to donor recognition. We are known for designing and creating unique donor walls, area and naming recognition, historical walls as well as other types of donor recognition and signage. What people don’t always know is that we offer a full Gifts and Awards service as well. What does that mean to customers? Well it means that we can take care of all their donor recognition, staff and volunteer recognition needs. And not only that but with our integral knowledge of materials and the incredible artisans that we work with we can and have created gifts and giveaways that tie in nicely with the donor recognition!

Why wouldn’t you want to have your gifts reflect the donor recognition? It becomes a theme, almost like a brand that donors can identify and relate to. If your donor wall includes glass, wood, metal, marble or stone, to name a few, these elements can be used for the giveaways that you offer at your unveiling, grand opening, or other events. Having gifts and awards that reflect the theme of your recognition shows that there was thought and consideration put into all aspects of recognizing the generosity of those donors - not merely an afterthought, a trinket to take away. Instead it becomes a token of appreciation that many would feel proud to put on display in their offices or homes.

There is an important benefit to being involved on the ground level of your donor recognition requirements. When given the opportunity we can recycle materials that may otherwise be discarded from buildings and locations where the donor recognition will be prominently displayed. For example, reclaiming wood from a building that is being renovated or trees being chopped down or even old floor boards from a stage, all of these items can be recycled and used in your gifts and awards. Creating a custom wood frame from old floor boards from a school’s stage and inserting a thank you into the frame becomes a cherished gift rather than just another frame you can buy almost anywhere. Or how about created a hand carved box made of trees that are being removed due to a new building being erected? Those are just a couple of examples of ways in which we have been able to create meaningful custom gifts and awards for our clients.

I invite you to take a look at both of our websites (including our new awards site) to see some of the unique, meaningful recognition pieces we have had the honour of creating for our clients.