Life after Death

Date: May 3, 2018 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

In the wake of Richard Howes’ untimely passing, his Presidential team has been wading through the waters trying to chart out a new course without our captain. It has been 5 short months since we lost Richard but in that time we have learned so much about ourselves and the skills that we have acquired through the years of working with Richard. In the past it was easy to rely heavily on his experience and knowledge by just asking “Richard do you know how…Richard do you remember this project…Richard…Richard…Richard”.

His absence is felt every single day, I mean that, every single day!  Not a day goes by when one of us doesn’t say “Richard would have” or “Richard wouldn’t”. Not having him physically here has forced us to rely heavily on our own skills and the skills of all the members of this team. Some of those skills we brought to the job, others Richard helped us cultivate.

We have collectively had to navigate this uncharted territory and rely heavily on one another to ensure we haven’t missed anything. We are also making every effort to keep this company on the same course that Richard wanted. He led by example and of his own moral compass, making sure we cultivated those right relationships that were so important to him and are now even more important to us. 

We appreciate the patience and loyalty that our customers have shown us as we steadied ourselves. Over the past 5 months we have had the opportunity to exercise our creative muscles and have responded to RFPs and design challenges and have come up on top. We have won all 3 of the projects that we had bid on since January which is a great feather in our cap. The Presidential team is changed, forever, but with that change has come a reconfirmed commitment from all of us that this company, our company, Richard’s legacy, is moving forward and that we are strong in our convictions.  Instead of relying on Richard we now rely on ourselves and each other. 

Our excitement grows everyday with the addition of each new project. Richard left very big shoes to fill and no one person here can fill those shoes, but collectively we are doing well and are excited about the future of Presidential Environment and Awards by Presidential. I am sure Richard is looking down on us and patting himself on the back for putting together such a solid team so many years ago.