He Touched So Many Lives

Date: February 8, 2018 Author: Sylvie Lachance Categories: Blog

Our leader, mentor, and founder Richard Foster Howes passed away on December 6th, breaking our hearts.

Throughout the grieving, our Presidential team is reflecting on the hundreds of impressions showering us in sympathy cards, condolence emails, Memorial Posts, donations, & flowers. Speaking with friends and colleagues attending the funeral ceremony, it became clear that Richard touched so many lives, with the same sentiments echoing over and over:

  • Everyone was in a state of shock. How is it possible that a vivid, engaging and passionate light such as Richard can one day go off?
  • Everyone was in a state of sadness, a real sense of loss. Because Richard nurtured and deeply cared for each relationship, he made us all feel like a: family member, friend, client and colleague.
  • Everyone will miss his insight, creative talent and genuine sense of fun.

Here are a few comments and thoughts shared with me - no names attached here, but if you'd like to leave observations, please do so in the comments below. 

"I loved to work with Richard."

"I will remember Richard as my friend."

"As I gaze upon the donor wall and the legacy we celebrate will be a reminder of his finger prints and what a special person he was."

"Richard was a wonderful colleague and friend."

"He will always be a part of our lives."

"I will definitely miss his unique sense of humor and his unbridled passion and commitment for the world of philanthropy."

"He was passionate about helping us recognize our supporters in a meaningful way."

"Richard’s experience, creativity and excitement for making great donor walls a story, vs just a bunch of names drew me in."

"He was an incredible person and made our lives brighter with his talent and grace."

"I so did enjoy our spirited conversations and his outlook on the world."

"I felt like I had known him forever."

"He was a rascal at AFP Congress where his voice and laugh would flood the Exhibitor’s Hall in merriment and good cheer."

"The Richard Howes wall in our lobby is a testament to his creativity."

"Richard was one of my favourite people."

"And as I was telling a few colleagues, this most beautiful basket shows up for delivery, and truly brought a tear to my eye."


He touched so many lives by his spirit. 

We are heartbroken. His absence is felt and then what?

A man who spent his entire life exploring the height and the depth of the thing we call life. How could his cornucopia of creativity ever die?  He lives through his work and his vision forever in the Presidential team.

Stay tuned.




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