Recognizing Achievement and Tenure

Date: October 15, 2017 Author: presenv Categories: Blog

Often, organizations are so focused on recognizing giving and philanthropy, that they are slow in recognizing internal teams and individuals. These employees, volunteers, staff & leaders have helped advance the cause, and have given of themselves – time, energy and effort.

Yes, employee of the month awards are common – and that’s part of the problem. They are routine, and the recognition is fleeting. Annual awards begin to shift in the right direction, especially when an individual award is coupled with a plaque or display of previous recipients. This helps place the award in context.

Milestones of achievement and tenure can take recognition to its pinnacle. The Million Dollar Club. 25 years of Service. Canada’s Best. First ever….

Recognizing and rewarding superior performance and achievement is truly beneficial to top organizations. People want to know that their contributions mean something – and fulfill a broader purpose. When the organization publicly acknowledges this, that recognition of individuals trickles down into overall team satisfaction. They know that they are playing for a caring team.

That’s a big deal in company culture. Everyone talks about company culture these days, with very few suggestions on how to take initial steps to transform it. Well here’s an easy one to implement: award superior achievement. It shows that you know, that you care, and that you appreciate the efforts.

For some inspiration from the team at Presidential on distinctive awards for achievement and tenure, check out this webpage.