The Art of Assembly and Installation

Date: July 24, 2017 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog


There is an art when it comes to assembling materials and performing skilled installations.  It isn’t as easy as it appears.  Just because you are good with a hammer or a tape measure does not mean to say you are an experienced installer.  Just look at me for example.  I have worked here for 18 years, have assembled hundreds, if not thousands of plaques, assisted on complex installations and I still do not qualify myself to be an experienced installer.  I recently used Gorilla tape to try and hang a very light wooden frame in my son’s room.  My rational was “well I don’t want to put any holes in the wall so I will just attach it with some Gorilla tape in the back”.  It seemed like a safe and clean way to hang a very light little frame.  Well to my horror I returned to my son’s room the next day to find the frame on the floor, with the Gorilla tape still on the back and 2 large chunks of blue paint removed from the wall.  The moral of the story is just because you have done something numerous times does not make you an expert.

Our company is fortunate to have a very experienced installation specialist, especially considering the complexity of many of our installations.  An installation specialist is able to come up with on-demand solutions to problems that only arise when you are on site.  Instead of standing there scratching their heads, our installation team have the background knowledge and experience to understand and solve the installation challenge. 

Seeing as we work in many schools, offices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities it is crucial that the items we install are safe and secure.  Think of the liability issues one would face if something we installed were to fall off and injure someone!  So again, I go back to my point that just because you are good with a hammer does not mean to say you are an experienced installer.   There is a reason why an installation / service call is so costly.  You are paying for the person’s time, equipment and most importantly their skills.  The value placed on this type of work is high and rightfully so.  Some of our installations include hanging from the side of buildings affixing exterior banners or lettering, climbing through rafters to gain access to ceilings, working on cherry pickers or scaffolding.  This type of work requires a certain level of concentration and a whole lot of skill.  Think about that as you drive down the Gardiner and see all the exterior lettering on top of the city’s sky scrapers!  That didn’t just happen; someone with the right skill set, experience and liability insurance performed that installation.  It’s incredible when you really think about it!