Taking Care of Etched Glass

Date: June 22, 2017 Author: Susanne Sukic Categories: Blog

Glass is fairly easy to clean but there are some considerations that are unique to the engraving process used for etched glass plaques.

Never apply cleaning solvents or commercial glass cleansers directly onto your glass plaques.  Solvents and cleansers may result in permanent damage to any coloured graphics and hand painted colour-filled, engraving. 

Suitable methods for keeping your plaques looking their best include the following.

·      Always use a soft, clean cloth.  Abrasive materials as well as residual debris can scratch or dull the appearance of the plaque.

·      Dust is often the offending party and can easily be wiped off with a soft, dry towel or a commercial dusting wand.

·      For smudges and fingerprints, it is best to use a soft cloth dampened with water only to wipe away the blemishes while avoiding the graphics and engraved areas. 

·      When faced with a more stubborn marking, white vinegar mixed with water and applied to a soft cloth can be used to wipe the glass clean while being mindful of the graphics and engraved areas. 

A diluted solution of 1 part vinegar to 3-4 parts water, mixed well will be sufficient.

Following the tips identified here will extend the longevity and maintain the luster of your plaques for years to come. For more information or advice on how to care for your plaques, please contact us.