Twenty One Languages

Date: April 24, 2017 Author: Richard Howes Categories: Blog

We are just completing a significant project at one of Canada’s largest Health Systems in Toronto that includes a cumulative donor wall, area recognition plaques, a historical display, exterior lettering and other items and I am in awe.  It occurs to me that Canada truly is an inspiring and unique country.  And we are fortunate enough to call this our home!

Part of the design for the multi-million dollar campaign, that has enabled the complete rebuilding of this Healthcare space, is an icon on the cumulative donor wall that merely says “Thank You” in twenty-one different languages.  How many places in the world would you find such an icon?  How many places in the world would you find such diversity?  What does it say about this place, about their community and about this country?

As we reflect on Canada’s 150th anniversary, and reflection is an essential gift of our human condition, it is important to recognize that we in Canada have a unique and significant role to play in the world.  Embracing, exploring and extolling the diversity of human kind for all the world to see.