Memorial with Clear Vision

Date: April 10, 2017 Author: Susanne Sukic Categories: Blog

With the advent of Canada’s sesquicentennial, I find myself reflecting on one the first projects I witnessed manifest from bare wall to meaningful tribute.  Our relatively young nation has developed as a result of visionaries, a united belief system and continual investments of our fellow Canadians.  I think of the maple leaf, Justin and his infamous father Pierre Trudeau, Louie Riel (Heritage Minutes), Laura Secord... the discovery of insulin and all those who served and continue to serve our country.

The Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Friends of Veterans Chapel Memorial Wall was a unique assignment for me in that it was in a chapel and would serve as a memorial wall.  The approach taken was one we still cultivate today.  We sought first to understand.  Logistics, budgets, details poured in: historical iconography, a new RCL Poppy logo, site specifications, decor, the sentiment and commitment of the organizers.  With a shared vision a strategy would emerge that would allow for a cohesive and manageable continuity program.

Materials and processes were selected to maximize value, longevity and diversity.  The new Poppy was featured on etched, colour-filled stainless steel; complex graphics appeared in print and oak framed it all together.  The brass memorial wall plaques were laser engraved to accommodate the diverse and particular recognition of service.  This technique would also facilitate prompt delivery of the often time sensitive requests.  The panels displaying these commemorative plaques included engraved outlines to guide the clients to easily install new citations.

Our relationship with the Veterans Centre has evolved over the years as we continue to serve and develop ongoing solutions and strategies toward mutual success.  The Friends of Veterans Chapel Memorial Wall will see its 7th anniversary this April. A mere fraction of the 150 years Canada will be celebrating yet the recognition of countless sacrifices.

To learn more about the Memorial Plaque Project please visit this link.