Unrealistic Expectations

Date: March 13, 2017 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

From time to time we come across clients that have very unrealistic expectations.  They have a beer budget but champagne taste.  They want impressive recognition plaques or awards that recognize the accomplishments and/or generosity regardless of their assigned budgets .  It is not uncommon for not-for-profit organizations to think that because they are a charity that we should be working for them for free.  So how do you deal with this demographic?  We walk them through the process and help them to understand the benefits of what they are asking of us and the financial reality of what they need.  The end result is always something both the client and Presidential is proud to display.  After all, at the end of the day we are a business.  We have overhead and real costs associated with fabricating the products our clients hire us for. 

Why is it that the word profit is considered a dirty word?  Yes it is true that a large portion of our client list is from the not-for-profit sector but at the end of the day we ourselves are not a charity.  What we offer to our clients is significant.  We have put a considerable amount of time, effort, energy and experience into what we do.  Our 25+ years experience is valuable and it didn’t come easily.  The products and services that we offer are of the highest quality.  We will not lower our standards in order to meet an unrealistic budget.  Organizations and individuals that have worked with us in the past know and understand the added value that Presidential brings to any of their projects.

How can you run an organization on a deficit long-term?  Unless the owner(s) are willing to take that financial risk and blow to their bottom line it would mean closing the doors.  Even not-for-profit organizations need to make a “profit” if they are going to keep their doors open and continue offering their vital missions.  Those vital missions are what helps to generate change in the world.  We are lucky enough to be a small part of the offerings and solutions to those who give generously as long as we continue to build on the right relationships we have cultivated throughout the years!