Accuracy & Accountability Are In The Details

Date: February 13, 2017 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

We produce several donor walls a year, both cumulative and campaign walls.  There are typically many donor names / donor plates or plaques on these walls which require a great deal of organization in order to make sure no one is missed.  The level of attention that the Project Manager needs to dedicate to projects such as these is remarkable.  But this is where we excel.  We are known not only for our high quality of work but for the ability and willingness to service our clients after the large projects are completed. 

Our continuity services give our clients a reassuring feeling knowing that we will continue to provide them with a high level of service and a product that matches their existing recognition.  It is important to have stylistic continuity that is precise and harmonious to all previously used elements.  It is said that “God is in the details” and it’s those details that help to separate us from our competition.  We know if you used the word “and” or substitute it with an ampersand (&).  We know which font is used and what font size is used for different elements.  We know the colour-fill that is used and we know and understand the installation methods.  It’s our job to document and keep proper records so that our client’s recognition is consistent, time and time again. 

We have learned that attention to details is a critical part of any and all projects.  It affords thoroughness and accuracy that enables us to ensure the next update will be consistent to the previous one and offer a harmonious appearance.  If we fail to record proper information it becomes very difficult and laborious for us to match what was previously completed.  This is why we are continually sharpening our saw to make sure we collect all the data necessary to move forward in an effortless manner.  We have become more and more efficient in this manner and are confident enough to offer this as a service to our clients.  Check out our Continuity Services tab!