A Philanthropic Heart

Date: July 20, 2016 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

Some people are born with a philanthropic heart. They naturally just want to share what they have, no matter how little. It may come in the form of a Nona wanting to feed her family or a neighbour baking something special and sharing it with you. It may be a friend or relative that supports a cause they hold dear to their heart whether it be a monetary donation or running in support of a cause. It may be a co-worker who holds a bake-sale on the weekend to raise money to support an organization or charity. No matter what form it takes these are all examples of people that feel deep down in their heart an innate sense of giving back.

My husbands’ culture refers to this as having “big hands”. Whenever we have the family over for a meal I make sure they all have lots of goodies to take home with them. My mother-in-law often makes reference to me having very “big hands”. I can’t help it, even if that means that after we have cooked, served , fed and cleaned up after everyone we end up driving to our local fast food spot to pick up burgers because I have given all the leftovers to them with my “big hands”.

This innate desire to give and share is embedded in who I am because of the examples I witnessed when growing up. I was taught to be generous and kind to others. My parents and grandparents were always doing something for someone, feeding those in the neighbourhood and helping out someone in need. Our doors were always open. That has stuck with me all these years. I have been accused of being too generous to the point of being taken advantage of. Being a mother now to two young boys I still feel that desire to give, I still have a philanthropic heart that has not changed, but who I give my time, energy and money to has changed. The organizations I support now are more focused on health and specifically those organizations that we have been involved in because of our children and their specific needs. I may not be able to give as much as I used to but the point is I still give and it is through that giving that I feel a sense of well-being. The act of giving feeds my soul.

I guess the point of this blog is really just to say that it doesn’t matter how much you give or who you give to, the simple act of sharing what you have with someone else really does make a person’s heart feel good. You may not have millions of dollars to donate and have a wing of a hospital named after you but it’s just like what many charities say “Every little bit helps!”