The Calm Within The Chaos

Date: April 21, 2016 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

A donor recognition project can be a challenge for all involved. There is a lot of information to shuffle through, research to be done, culture and history to understand. It truly is a process. Designs are submitted for committee approval and once a design is chosen there are sometimes dozens of design changes made, name changes, changes to materials and sizes, not to mention the last minute additions, and it is our job to keep on top of all the information, making sure no details are left out. It is our job to deliver a final product that pleases not only our clients and their donors or recipients but our organization as well! We strive to supersede client expectations and typically we are able to deliver on that goal. When in the thick of things, when information is flying back and forth between our offices and our clients, it is our job to make sure all the details are being handled. It is at these times that we become the calm within the chaos.

Our team understands how these projects work and what type of attention is needed to stay on top of it and to ensure all the parts come together to make a synergistic whole. In the beginning we stumbled (internally of course) but over the past decade we have sharpened our saws and implemented practices to make these types of projects flow a bit easier, tracking systems, meeting reports, etc... and now we are able to handle multiple intricate projects at a time. We work together as a whole and feed off of one another’s strengths and do our best to minimize our weaknesses.

We understand the complexity of these types of projects and the level of dedication and involvement required. We ensure our records are authentic so that updating these types of projects is a painless endeavour for all involved. We recognize that updating donor recognition walls, award walls, scholarship walls, memorial walls, etc... that we designed and delivered is just as valuable a service as the original projects themselves, something some of our competitors fail to acknowledge. This is our rudder in the water, the part that keeps us heading in the right direction and helps us achieve, what looks like, our best year yet!