Dealing With Mistakes Effectively

Date: March 31, 2016 Author: Steve McVeigh Categories: Blog

Mistakes will happen.

When they do, it makes no sense starting a blame game. It makes more sense to understand why & how it happened; and then to fix it. Presidential takes pride in making sure there are no deficiencies. But occasionally things just don't go according to plan. A name is added after deadlines, an element of the production just doesn't measure up to our standards. We have very high standards. Our clients may never even notice the mistake. But we do, we will do everything possible to meet our clients' need in a timely fashion. And that includes fixing a mistake before an event, or problem solving to come up with a temporary solution until the final piece is added to the puzzle.

As Professionals it is our job to make sure the project is done right, on budget and on time, with the best choice of quality materials for a successful completion. We will do what is needed to make that happen. After 25yrs in business we have a lot of experience in problem solving as well as designing and producing successful recognition projects.

Quality control is very important in the design and materials used in our clients projects. We will send it back to the shop to get done right if the product is not to our standards. One of the best moments of working for Presidential is when we receive an email from our client whose event was very successful and on time due to our efforts and expertise. We have a good deal of those emails. Our Treasure Chest.

Mistakes can and will be fixed.