Custom vs Customized Awards

Date: December 11, 2017 Author: Tammy Kim Categories: Blog

Editor's note: As we've just launched our sister website Awards by Presidential, it seemed like a good time to revisit an awards post from a couple years ago.

Some manufacturers think that a custom award means slapping a name and logo on a catalogue piece. Although catalogue pieces are often designed to be customized that is not what we consider a “custom award”, as we have been designing them for over two decades. Instead, we take the ideas and intensions from our clients and transform those ideas into reality by designing unique, elegant pieces. Our custom awards are unlike anything else. They are not simply catalogue pieces, although sometimes we do combine catalogue pieces to create something new and exciting.

Creating a custom award means making something new, innovative, fresh and personal while still meeting the customer budget and deadline. This is not always an easy task but we strive to exceed our client’s expectations, this is always our goal. Customer Service is a very important part of Custom Awards. How can you create something if you don’t know who the customer is, what they represent, what are their values? In order to craft something that represents something or someone, you need to first know what or who that something or someone is. Diving into and understanding an organizations culture is something we excel at which is why we have been able to construct unique custom awards.

Engraving a name and logo on a piece of crystal that is offered in several catalogues and on numberous websites is far different than creating a Custom Award like that for the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre or the Barbara Frum Award.

Over the years we have had the distinct pleasure of creating custom awards for many organizations across Canada. We approached each of these projects with respect and integrity for the organizations we were hired to represent, for the long history of our company and the principles that we stand for. Approaching each project with an inherent sense of accuracy and accountability to our clients is the only way we know how to conduct business.  Our clients or the recipients of their awards are continually appreciative of these principles and the distinctiveness of their custom recognition.

The next time you are thinking of a Custom Award, think about uniqueness that identifies you.